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terms and conditions is on the understanding that the customer agrees to the terms and conditions specified. Continuos usage of the website confirms that you are in accordance with the terms and conditions.


  • Changes in the terms and conditions occur in time. It is the duty of the customer to be updated on it.
  • First time buyers of the calling cards are strongly recommended to contact the customer support team of the particular card and understand the charges to the required destination.
  • Our website primecallingcards.comwill assist you in case of any technical snags. During a technical snag make sure you call the customer support related to the particular card first and then if not resolved please call our support team. The organisation takes full rtesponsibilty for a technical issue that cannot be resolved. We will exchange your card upon confirmation from the card provider that a credit has been issued and the fault cannot be resolved. Incase the payment has been made and there is no PIN received in your account it is fully the purchaser's fault and it is their responsibility to notify primecallingcards.comupon which the requirements can be made immediately.
  • Once the PIN has been issued to you, we will not be responsible for its loss or if it is stolen by any unauthorised person.
  • The details you provide to us for the purchase of goods must be correct, and the credit or Debit card must be your own and must have enough funds to cover the cost of the purchase, when paying in any foreign currency such as USD or Euro, we will make sure that the exchange rates gets to the closest value of the card. There will be only minor changes in the exchange rates and will not alter the value of the card very much.
  • PIN will be shown in your account as soon as the credit card transaction is successful. Note that the PIN will not be emailed, only a copy of the receipt of the transaction is emailed to the address provided. If there are any technical issues in this process please inform us immediately.
  • The copy of the receipt is sent to the email address provided by the customer, we will not be held responsible for a delivery that is sent due to customer's false information. Please double check the details provided.
  • The customer must make sure that the contact details provided must be the same as your card details, if there is a mismatch your card will be invalidated.
  • Primecallingcards.comreserves the right to refuse any order placed by the customers.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the details provided are authentic. The Credit or Debit card must be your own and sufficient funds must be present to cover the cost of purchase.
  • Breach of confidence and deceitful pretense will not be encouraged. Anyone involved in fraudulent practices will be prosecuted.
  • We assure you that your personal information is safe and secure, our organisation does not sell, rent personal data to any third party under all circumstances.
  • These terms and conditions does not produce any effects on your statutory rights as a customer.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Seychelles International Business Authority Act, 1994 and Seychelles Courts. The court has jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between us.
  •  Kindly acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree to abide by all the conditions in this agreement as well as any further rules or policies that may be published by primecallingcards.comin the course of time.

Refund policy:

The prepaid PIN code(s) may be refunded only if the cards are not used by the customer and is brought to our attention within 24 hours of the purchase. If a refund is granted to a customer a charge of 1GBP or 1USD based on the country of the customer will be deducted from the refund amount. We act as an agent on behalf of the telecom providers and we do not take responsibility incase the service is suspended due to loss of payment or bankruptcy. In the above mentioned scenarios primecallingcards.comwill provide you with company details related to the service provider of the purchased product.