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MAXITALK £5 phone card cover
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Stay in touch with your loved ones for a longer duration using Maxitalk calling cards. The service provided is excellent and there are simple ways to use this card. This card with its features are offered at affordable prices.
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How to use MAXITALK £5
MAXITALK £5 Customer Support
08713329189 (or) 08712714386

MAXITALK £5 Access Number
08003685826 (or) 08007860989 (or) 08000147122 (or) 02084356502 (or) 02081505042 (or) 02079939842 (or) 08448550144 (or) 08448803441 (or) 03309939842

Fees and Charges
May apply depending on destination number called from MAXITALK £5 Card


1.    Use a push button tone phone and dial the preferred access number, given below.
                    Free access – 0800 376 9989 ; 0800 024 2278
                    Local access – 0844 880 3441 ; 0844 855 0144
                    London access – 0207 993 9842 ; 0207 075 3566
                    Payphone access – 0800 024 2273
2.    Enter the PIN from your card.
3.    Dial the destination number in the given format.
                    Local calls – area code + phone number
                    Foreign calls – Dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number

To make a follow-up call, just dial ##
To re-dial on the same call, just press #5.

Please reach our customer service. The number is 0871 271 4386.


There will be sudden changes on the billing minutes due to the norms of the service provider.
Please call the customer support for details.

Disclaimer: is a reseller of UK Phone Cards, Mobile Top Ups and Calling Cards. We are not the operator so we do not have control over the minutes advertised by the manufacturer. Card Manufacturers change minutes without any prior notice to us or the customer. When you buy online through our system you explicity agree to abide by our terms and conditions and are fully aware that we are only an agent of the manufacturer and any dispute with minutes or quality would have to be escalated to the appropriate customer service department of the card manufacturer as advertised on the card information. For up to date minutes, tariff and rate information please always contact the card customer support.