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GT MOBILE  TOP UP £10 phone card cover
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GT mobile topup vouchers are introduced by the prestigious Gnanam Telecom. The company aims at providing first class services to the customers. Enjoy high quality calls with GT .
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How to use the voucher ?

1.    Key in *131*< PIN> #  and press SEND. (OR)
2.    Dial 321  or 92#
3.    You will listen to an automated voice prompt.
4.    Follow the instructions

If you want to topup from another phone , ( can also be used when you are abroad)
•    call +447973101321.
•    Do as you are instructed by the voice prompt

If you want to check your balance in the UK , follow either of these :

•    Press *131#( or 94#)  and SEND . You can view your balance on your GT mobile screen.
•    Dial 321 (or 95#) . You can listen to your balance.

If you want to check your balance when you are abroad,

•    Dial +447973101321. You can listen to your balance.

To reach our customer services cell , Dial 0207 132 0303 or 322 from GT Mobile.

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