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What is sells prepaid calling cards and mobile topup vouchers to many destinations across the globe.  The prices offered are very affordable.

How do I benefit from buying calling cards at primecallingcards?
We have a huge variety of prepaid cards that are of low prices. The online transaction is simple and you can buy from anywhere and at anytime; even from the comfort of your home!

How do I purchase cards from primecallingcards?
First you have to sign up on our website and enter your contact details. Then you choose the type of prepaid card that you wish to purchase and add it to the shopping cart. Payment can be made through SSL secured network or by using your credit or debit card.

How do I get access to my calling cards?
When your payment has been recieved,the calling card that you have purchased will be available with the PINs in the 'My Account' section of our site.

How will I be able to make a call?
Simply pick up your phone and dial the access number.Dial the PIN after hearing a prompt.Then you can dial your desired destination number and start talking.

Are my details safe with you?
The security of your details is at the core of our business. During payment you are on a secure payment page on the server. The transaction is then encrypted using the highest industry standard SSL technology.

Is the payment transaction safe?
The payment transaction is Comodo secured and 100% safe. We have SSL encrypted technology which makes your payment and other details absolutely safe.

How can i make the payment for the cards?
You can pay using a credit or a debit card with an UK billing address. You can also pay using your PayPoint or Nochex account.

Are there only specified countries to which i can make calls using UK calling cards?
No.These cards allow you to call any country across the globe. You only have to make sure to buy calling cards that give you more talktime for the particular destination.

What do i do if there is a problem with my calling card?
There is an appropriate customer team dealing with the calling cards.The customer service numbers are listed in your card details, call them when there is a need.

How are these calling cards sold?
Our products are delivered online and so there will not be any physical phone cards in your mail account. The necessity for your phone card is a free phone/local access number and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your phone card, we provide you with what is required.

Do you offer your calling cards on a wholesale basis?
We require retail partners and distributors for our wide range of calling cards and prepaid card products worldwide. Kindly join us in partnership to bring the best brands and the best rates on prepaid products to a more wider scale.

Will there be any additional charges levied on the access number that i am calling from?
The access number 0800 is free phone, whereas the other access numbers may be chargable. Contact your service provider for the charges.

What are the requirements for the calling cards service?
All that this service requires is a valid touch tone phone service.

Can i make a call anywhere in the world using calling cards?
Yes. You can call worldwide using our prepaid phone cards.

What benefits do i get on using calling cards?
The mobile vouchers and calling cards can be bought instantly as our service is onile. Calls can be made from your phone globally. A wide range of cards and prices are available that suit your requirements.

Can i buy a calling card at any time of day? Or do you operate on a particular time scale?
Our service being online operates throughout the day and also at night. You may buy phone cards from us even in the middle of the night from the comfort of your home. There is no longer a need for you to wait for the store to get your calling cards.

What are the ways in which i can make my payment?
We have a secure transaction page on our website and you can make payments using your Credit/Debit card. The Credit card must have a valid billing address to buy a calling card.

What are the phones that i can use to make a call?
Calls are to be made from a touch tone phone. The phones can be a land phone, mobile or even a public phone.

Where can i buy these calling cards?
To buy calling cards use our website www.primecallingcards. You will be able to purchase cards once you've completed your registration process.

Can i use calling cards to make calls within my country?
Yes. You can make calls within the region of your country using suitable calling cards.

Can calling cards be purchased at stores?
The sales transactions that we do is online. This allows easy operations for both customer and the organisation. It saves the trouble of going out for a calling card.

What are the services provided by primecallingcards?
Primecallingcardsis a website that provides international calling cards and mobile top-up vouchers. The transactions made are instantaneous and there are a wide range of affordable cards.

Are there any age requirements for registration?
The registration requires a valid Credit/debit card in your name. The minimum age requirements for the Credit/Debit cards is 18.

how do i edit my personal details?
Step 1: Login to your account.
Step 2: Click the option EDIT DETAILS in My account section.

Step 3: Update your billing details.


When can i make calls?
You can make calls the moment your account is activated.

Should the details for registration match my Credit/Debit card to buy cards?
Yes, the details you provide must match with the billing address of your credit/Debit card. Your card will be blocked if there is a mismatch.

Will my contact details be safe?
The contact details you provide is strictly office use and strict measures are taken to ensure that your details are not transferred outside.

Is my credit card details required to buy a calling card?
Yes, we require Credit/Debit card details for a successful online transaction.

How can i make changes to my contact details?
Step 1: Login to your account.
Step 2: Click the option EDIT DETAILS in My account section.

Step 3: Change your billing details.

How long does it take for the activation of my account?
The activation of your account happens instantly, once the payment transaction and the PIN is sent to your account. A mail is sent to your email id to confirm transaction.

How do i make the registration?
Step 1: Click the 'login' link and create a new account.

Step 2: Fill in the contact details on the registration section and then click REGISTER NOW.

Will my personal details be safe with you?
The personal details you provide is strictly office use and strict measures are taken to ensure that your details are not transferred outside. We only share your data to your credit card companies to fulfil a transaction that has been requested.

Can my calling card be used by another person without my knowledge?
It cannot be used, unless you allow PIN access to someone. The card can be used only with PIN and so restrain its access to people.

Is the data provided stored by your company?
Yes, the data is stored for office use. The company primecallingcards.comis the sole owner of the information. The date provided will not be disclosed to any unauthorised member.
Is the payment transaction safe?
There is a secure transaction page on our website. The transactions are encrypted using a high standard SSL technology and the information regarding credit card are not stored on the servers.

What do you mean by PIN?
PIN is  Personal Identification Number that is assigned to a particular card. The PIN is more like a password and gives access to your calling card and prevents unauthorised usage.

I do not remember my PIN. How do i get it back?
Kindly login to your account and go to the My account section to see your PIN. If you do not find it, please call the customer service for assisstance.

What if i do not get my PIN?
Kindly login to your account and go to the My account section to see your PIN. If you still did not find it, please call the customer service for assisstance.

How can i get my PIN?
The PIN for your card can be received only after a successful transaction and can be found in the My account section of the website. Kindly login to see it.

Will the PIN be same for different cards?
No. Every card has its own unique PIN.

Does calls have fixed rates?
The rates of the calls depend on the country. Moreover call rates are based on the maximum allowed minutes; it depends on various factors.

How can i get into my account?
Click the login link that appears on the website. Enter your username and password.

How can i get my account to be deactivated?
The account can be deactivated by sending an email to us or by calling customer care.

Are these cards suitable for mobile phones to call other countries? Does it cost extra?
These cards can be used in mobile phones but the charges are dependant on the mobile tariff and the operator charges. Free minutes are applicable for the local access numbers.

Why am i getting lesser talktime than advertised on the card?
When you dial your PIN to make a call, the maintenance and the connection chaqrges are included. This is why there is a loss of talktime than advertised.

Can the same card be used to call many countries?
Yes, international calling cards allow you to call anywhere in the world, unless mentioned. But getting the cards for the required countries works better.Customer care will support you on the right cards.

What if there is a problem while using a calling card?
You can always call the customer service number, which connects you to the service department of the company. They control the access number and the value of PIN for your card.

What are the benefits of using calling cards?
Calling cards are a benefit as they avoid excessive bills and also calls are made cheaper using them.

When is a connection and maintenance fee charged? What exactly is it?
When a call is made to any number and the moment a connection is established you lose some minutes on your talktime due to its fee. This fee is inclusive once a connection is made even to a wrong number and also an answering machine.

What do i do when my calling card is blocked?
Kindly call the customer care number which is seen below your access number of your calling card. If you have any difficulty please call the primecallingcards.comsupport team.

What if there is a problem with my calling card?
Please call the customer care number the particular calling card. The number is seen in the card details.

What should i do when i still have some credit on my card and the PIN becomes invalid?
There is an expiry period for your calling cards. Contact the customer service team for further assisstance.

Is there a need for me to give my details everytime i buy a card?
Yes. The creedit card details are not stored due to security risk and so you will have to enter your details on a transaction secure page on our website, which then passes you to the payment gateway.
How do i choose the card that i require?
There are a wide range of cards for you to choose from on our site and you can narrow your options by selecting the country that you wish to call and choose a card that suits your need.

After registration how do i purchase a calling card?
Once you have completed your registration. Login by using your username and password, then add the calling cards that you require to your cart. Make payment using a credit/debit card facility.

Is there no answer for my query?
 If there is no answer relating to your query. Please call the customer support team for further assisstance.